CBD Direct
CBD Body Lotion 60MG

Hemp-derived CBD is the new solution for nourishing your skin. Our CBD Direct Body Lotion leaves skin moisturized, healthy and ready for the day.

Hemp +
Hemp Seed Oil Body Lotion

Body Lotion enriched with nourishing hemp seed oil. Hemp contains some of the highest levels of essential fatty acids as well as vitamins D and E to restore softness and vibrancy while leaving your skin feeling moisturized and radiant all day.

Natural Wonderz
Hemp Lotion

Feel smooth love. Hemp Seed Oil + Pinapple Lotion hydrates skin by adding rich nutrients that produce a soft youthful glow, and keeps your skin feeling soft, & silky all day.

Hemp Elements
Hand Cream

Formulated to optimally moisturize the dry skin of your hands and helps protect it from environmental factors, the light, non-greasy texture of the cream leaves your hands soft and smooth, while its pleasant fragrance inspires the senses.

Advanced Clinicals
Hemp Seed Oil Instant Hydration Cream

Revitalizing moisturizer fights dry, dehydrated skin. Cannabis Sativa Oil is rich in soothing Omega Fatty Acids. Improves the look of rough, aging skin.

Custom Nature
Pina Colada Massage & Body Oil

Made from 100% natural oils, with the delicious fragrance of Pina Colada and the addition of Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil, this product is perfect for relaxation as well as revitalization.

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